Gemstones have mystified people for ages, used as accents for beautiful adornments, and even believed by some to have energy properties for healing and meditative purposes.

The gem blogs listed here are some of the most reputable and informative online, featuring a wide variety of different gemstones in various forms of jewelry, for various types of practices, or simply appreciated in their raw forms. We wanted to create a quality resource for people seeking any information about gemstones, so below you’ll find what we believe to be some of the top gem blogs.

1. Danielle Miele – A lover of jewelry and gems since she was four years old, as Danielle grew she immersed herself in the world of fine jewelry, learning as much as she could about her favorite sparkly stones, which included graduating from the Gemological Institute of America. Now she shares her knowledge and her favorites to educate her followers.

2. Robyn Hawk – The blog provides you with a daily jewelry “morsel” to satisfy your hunger for beautiful gems and jewels. This is a source of daily jewelry inspriation from artist and celebrity jewels that catch the eye.

3. Antoinette Matlins – This international gem and jewelry expert shares her knowledge of rare, unusual, and fine gems and jewels. She was the former Gemology Editor of National Jeweler and now shares her knowledge of the world of gems in her blog.

4. Robyn Hawk – Consulting with the leaders in the Gem and Jewelry industry to be a copywriter for wholesale jewelers, Robyn also loves to blog using her knowledge and passion of gems and the jewelry world (she even makes her own!).

5. Jordan Clary – Jordan has become enthralled in the jewelry writing world using her blog as a source of inspiration and jewelry knowledge hub. Her favorite “gems” (though not technically a stone) are pearls, but she likes to share information about all types of gems that she has gathered over the years.

6. gemsnfashion – Combining two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly, gemsnfashion seamlessly acts as a source for fashion and gemstone information to act as a singular source to learn everything you wish you knew about different types of gemstones and the fashion inspired by them.

7. Lisa Yang – Lisa has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember. With jewelry-making comes an appreciation for different types of gems and here Lisa blogs about gemstones and her jewelry creations.

8. Spirals of Light – Gemstones aren’t just beautiful, many people believe they contain different types of energy that can help you in spiritual or meditative persuits. This blog investigates these types of energies and explains how they can help you bring greater understanding to your life.

9. Chantelle Lobo – An accredited gemologist and jewelry professional, Chanelle is no stranger to the draw of gemstones and their unique beauty. She uses her blog to uncover the the wonders of gemstones in fashion, jewelry, and astrology.

10. Jacqueline – This blogger creates her own jewelry out of her favorite gems and uses her blog to showcase her creations as well as highlight the gemstones used to bring them to life.

11. Melissa – Melissa’s blog is a place she likes to share her life and experiences, which includes her love of gems and jewelry.

12. Consult the Sage – This blog explores the powerful energy found in crystals and gems and the historical uses of these energies. If you’re interested in the mystical side of gemstones, this is the perfect blog to check out.

13. Jessica – Jessica has a passion for hand forging jewelry. She has studied jewelry design and manufacture, so she knows a thing or two about quality gemstones. Her blog chronicles her experience in making jewelry she loves and opening her own Etsy shop as well as sharing her knowledge about fine jewelry.

14. Johnna Abdul Qader – Johnna is a wire artist who loves to incorporate beautiful gems into her pieces to make a statement. Here she shares her knowledge of gems and minerals as well as showcases her own creations with which she donates portions of each sale to help homeless people and shelters.

15. Sara Valor – Sara is a freelance writer who uses her blog to write about things that interest her: her children, writing, and gems and jewelry!

16. Gemstone Buzz – The Gemstone Buzz is an excellent resource for anything you need to know about gemstones and jewelry for readers who are curious about buying jewelry, making jewelry, or just have an interest and passion for different types of gems.

17. Howard – This is a daily look into the wonderful world of jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals from all around the world from serious facts about gemstones to fun stories about outrageous jewelry.

18. Rizwana Mundewadi – This is a great source for gemstones, birthstones, precious and semi precious stones from common rocks to precious diamonds, this blogger is obsessed!

19. Ivellisse Soucy – This wire artist loves incorporating semi precious gemstones into her pieces of jewelry. Here she discusses the gems she incorporates and why they make each piece of work simply stunning.

20. Lewis – A jewelry maker for over 20 years, Lewis has accumulated a wide variety about jewelry and gemstones. In his blog he likes to share his knowledge for gems as well as tips for running a jewelry-making business.

21. The Diamond Blog – Diamonds are one of the most popular gemstone which have enthralled the masses for ages. This blog discusses the fine details of diamonds and the diamond industry and showcases beautiful diamond creations that make our hearts melt.

22. Professor Hausel – A different look into the world of beautiful gemstones, this blog looks at the geology behind our favorite gemstone and precious metals in their raw form–straight from the mine!

23. Gemisphere – Gemisphere takes a look inside the healing properties of gemstones and gemstone therapy to help heal and enlighten.

24. Beth Bernstein – Beth loves jewelry and uses her blog to combine her love of writing and jewelry featuring her favorite gemstone finds, favorite jewelry designers, and trends in the jewelry industry.

25. Australian Opal Hunter – This blog is all about opal and their sparkly fascination. The Australian Opal Hunter shares information about Australian Opals and all the information you need to know if you’re looking to buy them.

26. Mary Ann – This beading blog showcases information about the blogger’s creations as well as the different types of gems and beads that are featured in each item.

27. Barbara – Artefaccio jewelry focuses mostly on turquoise gems and jewelry found in various jewelry expos that this blogger attends and is featured in.

28. Kathy Lindemer – This jewelry-maker blogs about jewelry inspirations, various gems and natural elements that inspire her creations, and favorite etsy shops and favorite customers.

29. Deborah Gray-Wurz – Deborah is a jewelry-maker with her own Etsy shop. She loves to work with turquoise especially, but blogs about a variety of gems and creations.

30. Lynda Moseley – Lynda is a jewelry-maker who works with polymer clay to make her creations. She love to use pretty gemstones in her work and blogs about the process and her inspirations.

31. Helen – Helen draws inspiration for her jewelry from the beautiful island she lives on: Crete. She loves working with all kinds of materials, but takes special joy in a combination of metal and gems. Her blog features her creations and showcases the beautiful gems she chooses for each one.

32. Susan – Susan’s love of gems is passed onto her from her grandfather who used to venture to the Mojave dessert in seach of gemstone and geodes to then cut and polish to make beautiful creations. Susan continues her family’s tradition through her own jewelry making and uses her blog to share the process and inspiration.

33. Collecting Fine Jewels – This blog features finds from antique, estate, and vintage sales from around the world focusing on the beautiful gemstones that make them unique and precious.

34. Norah – Norah recycles artisan pieces to make her own style and sell them through her Etsy shop using gemstones to make each piece unique and beautiful. She blogs about the jewelry making process and well as how she finds the gems she uses to create her jewelry.

35. Charlotte – Charlotte loves jewels in any form: jewelry, watches, or even house décor. Here she blogs about her favorite finds and unique gems from around the world.

36. Shariefa Nasser – S.N.R. is a designer who finds inspiration from incredibly unique pieces of jewelry. Here she blogs about jewelry and gems that catch her eye as a source of inspiration and fascination with the jewelry and gemstone world.

37. Artisma – This blog analyzes the jewelry and fabulous gemstones found in tiaras, necklaces, rings, and other stunning pieces that can only be found in pieces worn by royalty around the world.

38. The Jewellry Editor – Founders Maria and Christine started this site to fill the need in the jewelry world for a site with a luxury feel to cover all that was happening in the world of fine jewelry and watches. With an emphasis on quality and richness of content, Maria and Christine travel to fashion jewelry shows around the world to deliver the latest jewelry news.

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